LGBTQ Book Recommendations


December 26, 2015

These are a few of my favourite books - that happen to have LGBTQ characters, themes or storylines. The Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett Dunnett is my favourite author, and probably the greatest influence on my writing. I love her command of tension, the precision of her writing, her breathtaking, incredible set pieces that are second to none. The blond antihero-protagonist Lymond is canonically bisexual, even if the main storyline is heteroromantic, and there is a sexual fluidity to his character that I fell in love with growing up. The Bell by Iris Murdoch Murdoch is perhaps my second favourite writer after Dunnett, and The Bell is a tour-de-force of biased viewpoint, and simple, structural perfection. I learned from The Bell the way that a new piece of information can "backlight" what has come before, allowing you to see it with new eyes, creating a powerful paradigm shift. The Bell[...] read this post